Skill Sprout Cost

How much do Skill Sprout services cost?

Most of Skill Sprout direct services are billable to your family’s health insurance plan. Skill Sprout charges established reasonable and customary rates for these services. To find out if Skill Sprout services are covered under your families health insurance plan contact one of our insurance specialists today.

Skill Sprout’s also offers affordable web-based services. Our specialized clinicians provide customized parent training and consultation services. Contact us today to learn more about Skill Sprout's web-based services at 1-800-773-1682.

Will Skill Sprout bill my insurance company directly?

Our billing team will assist your family in directly billing for Skill Sprout services.

Do you have options to private pay for services?

Yes, we offer private pay options for all of our services as well as a sliding scale fee for families who need financial assistance. To learn more about our private pay option contact us today at 1-800-773-1682.

How can I afford intensive home-based ABA services if my policy has an exclusion?

Skill Sprout offers an “ABA on a Budget” program for families who need to private pay for intensive ABA services. To learn more about our “ABA on a Budget” services contact our billing department at 1-800-773-1682.

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