Social Skills

Social Skills Program:

Social Skills Therapy at Skill Sprout is a unique and innovative treatment model that utilizes research based techniques to improve children and adolescents' social functioning. Therapy focuses on teaching new skills, fostering independence with emerging skills, and creating a socially confident child! When enrolled in Social Skills Therapy, your child will participate in an assessment that helps identify his/her unique strengths and areas for growth. After the assessment, your child will be paired with a therapist and 1-3 similarly aged peer volunteers. An individualized treatment plan will be created that utilizes your child's areas of strengths to help build new skills in areas related to weaknesses identified in the assessment.

Although every client's treatment plan is unique, here is a list of common skill areas targeted in Social Skills Therapy:

  • Greetings
  • Conversational Skills
  • Turn-Taking
  • Eye Contact
  • Initiating Play
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Space
  • Cooperative Play
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Active Listening
  • Sharing
  • Recognizing Social Cues

Throughout the course of treatment, your child's therapist will plan activities for each session. Activities are planned based upon treatment goals, but often include game play, imaginative play, cooperative group work, conversational activities, crafts, music time, snacks, and sensory play. Your child, along with his/her peer volunteer(s), will be working on targeted skill areas. The peers serve two purposes in the session: modeling positive social skills and providing natural opportunities for your child to practice emerging skills. Peer Volunteers are trained to work effectively with clients and therapists and provide spontaneous and natural opportunities for skill development. These natural interactions with peers help clients generalize their emerging skills more quickly than if they were only practicing skills with an adult therapist.

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