Potty Training Program

Ready to get rid of those diapers?

The Early Intervention services from Skill Sprout in Illinois offers a wide range of programs that help develop children from birth through age three. One particular area you may find your child struggling with is independent toileting, and because of this we have developed a research based potty-training program proven to help children get rid of diapers.

Once enrolled in this program, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst will create a written toileting protocol for your child to be followed by the entire family. This protocol will be carried out over the course of 1 - 5 days. You will then be assigned a potty training team who will come to your house and assist in training and implementing your child's potty training protocol during a 6-hour training session. To enforce what you and your child have learned, the behavior analysis will be on call during the week and attend two in-home follow up sessions.

To start your child's potty training program, contact us at Skill Sprout today. Visit one of our locations, or call (800) 773-1682.

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