Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy for children is focused on helping children with the roles and "jobs" they have in everyday life. The "work" of a child is to play, learn, and develop independence in daily functional routines.

Our occupational therapy services are delivered with a team approach.

Your child will be assigned to an occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistant who work together to provide your child with top notch occupational therapy services to address motor, sensory, and other developmental issues that impact your child's functional performance.

OT services can be delivered individually, in groups or in the form of consultation and programming for implementation with other professionals on your child's therapy team.

Areas of Focus:

Self Care Skills
Fine Motor Skills
- Eating, Tolieting, Dressing
- Handwriting, Manipulating Toys

Functional Mobility
Social Participation
- Moving Towards Objects, Changing Positions, Climbing In and Out of Furniture

Adaptive Skills
Play Skills
- Sleeping, Attention, Transitions to New Enviornments, Behavior, Coping Strategies

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