Skill Sprout offers the following diagnostic services:

Autism Diagnostic Clinic

Caregivers and providers who have concerns about a child's social communication development and repetitive/restrictive behaviors can refer to Skill Sprout’s Autism Diagnostic Clinic. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team provides a comprehensive evaluation examining all areas of functioning related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Psychological Assessments

Skill Sprout Psychologists use clinical interviews and standardized assessments to measure and observe a client's behavior to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment. Parents and caregivers may seek a psychological evaluation for children for a wide variety of reasons. Common reasons include concerns with: learning and memory, inattentiveness and/or hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, reading, academic achievement, etc. Psychological evaluations allow us to understand the nature of a problem and to determine the best way to help a unique child and family.


Autism and Developmental Screenings

Regular developmental and Autism screening is crucial, as it allows for early referral for evaluation and treatment. Children whose special needs are identified and addressed during younger years have greater chances of success in maximizing learning and reaching their full potential. Skill Sprout provides screenings in our communities since we understand the importance of early detection.

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