What is Skill Sprout Diagnostics? [SHOW INFO]

The First Step: Screening

If your child's doctor indicates there are concerns about your child's development, a screening should be done to more accurately determine your child's abilities. A questionnaire developed specifically for the identification of autism should be administered. If your child scores in the at-risk category on the screening instrument, the physician should recommend a diagnostic evaluation.

The Second Step: Diagnostic Evaluation

Families and physicians should seek input from specialists as part of a "team approach" or a multidisciplinary approach that draws on special expertise and is geared to the unique needs of each child. The multidisciplinary team may include a psychologist, psychiatrist, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, behavior analyst, and other professionals knowledgeable and skilled in working with children with autism. The diagnostic evaluation should address all areas of concern for the individual child. This multidisciplinary team will determine whether or not your child has autism according to well-accepted criteria.

The Third Step: Program Planning and Follow-up

With a multidisciplinary evaluation, the team should provide you with some specific recommendations based on the evaluation information for your child. These recommendations may include specific suggestions for programming or specific follow-up by other professionals to determine programming for your child. There are many good sources of information for families with a child with autism. You may want to research the specific recommendations using some of these sources.

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