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Skill Sprout assists children, families and individuals at any stage of learning, living and development. Our specialized programs utilize progressive, tested methods to teach and engage individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. We focus on building positive behaviors for living, learning, working and interacting with peers at any stage.

For children struggling with learning, socializing or adapting to their environment, it can be difficult for parents and peers to translate their frustrations and help them succeed. Our instructors and counselors specialize in developmental disorders and give children and individuals coping techniques specially suited to their needs. At early ages we help children develop motor skills, social skills and communication, while older children and young adults learn how to focus in school, express their feelings, use essential life skills and more. To give your child the best initial developmental framework, we also provide diagnostic and early intervention services at young ages.

Learn more about our occupational therapy services, counseling programs, rehabilitative courses and ABA Autism therapy services in Illinois and Texas. Contact us today to sign up for a program or ask about home-based or at-school therapy.

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