Skill Sprout's online parent consultation, trainings and products assist parents in supporting their child with a variety of needs in their home and community settings through web-based training and coaching for parents on implementation of behavioral interventions:

  • Level 1 (Free)
    Level 1 is a FREE online service that includes modules covering topics that are vital for parents of newly diagnosed individuals, parents who are concerned about their child's development and parents who want to learn more about service options. This first level begins with an overview of autism spectrum disorder, describing the diagnosis as it may be experienced by the parent, the child and others and offering authentic parent anecdotes. For parents who may be concerned about a potential autism diagnosis, there is also a module offered that lists red flags to look for and a description of how a child is screened and eventually diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Parents who choose level 0 will also have access to information about best practices, including applied behavior analysis (ABA) as well as an overview of the basic principles used to change behaviors.
    General topic overviews after entry of basic contact information

  • Level 2
    Level 2 of Skill Sprout's online services includes an in-depth review of all of the modules provided in level 1 plus modules that support parents as they take the next steps following an autism diagnosis. This level of service lays out a roadmap for parents to guide them through treatment options and educational planning. Parents have access to specialized resources and tools, including worksheets and applied examples.
    In depth topic training with support + additional comprehensive training + training materials

  • Level 3
    Level 3 is an ideal option for parents who are ready to begin applying behavioral interventions with the help of an experienced clinician. This level of service includes all of the modules provided in level 2 plus specialized training kits and 6 hours of online consultation with a certified member of the Skill Sprout ABA team. The included training kits provide materials that have been created specifically to supplement the information in the training modules and the online consultation offers an opportunity for parents to tailor the service to meet their child's individual needs.
    6 hours online consultation/coaching services with Board Certified Behavior Analyst staff

  • Level 4
    Level 4 is an optimal choice for parents who want to continue accessing individualized services for their child. This level of service includes all of the instruction and support included in the first 3 levels, plus an option to access on-going consultation for a monthly fee. An initial assessment is conducted which includes the use of a screening tool to help identify any additional clinical services from which your child may benefit, followed by on-going consultation provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), which includes the development of a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), if necessary.
    12 weeks consultation/training with Board Certified Behavior Analyst staff

Skill Sprout provides exceptional care for extraordinary families. We strive to provide an outstanding experience that centers on progressive best practices and an individualized, family-centered plan of care. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for every family we serve. In an effort to expand the reach of our exceptional care, Skill Sprout has developed new online parent consultation and training services. These web-based services cover a wide array of topics and are offered in a tiered format so families can choose the option that best suits their needs.

All of Skill Sprout's online parent consultation and training services assist parents as they support their child with a variety of needs in their home and community. In our first level of service, parents have access to level 1 overview of autism spectrum disorder, applied behavior analysis and other important topics. As the levels increase, parents have the opportunity to learn more in-depth information and receive individualized coaching on the implementation of behavioral interventions, provided by a certified member of the Skill Sprout clinical team.

As a premiere provider in pediatric therapies, Skill Sprout offers parents access to level 1 online trainings. Access Skill Sprout's level 1 parent trainings below:

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